Video 1 — What is the purpose of this course

Today’s a very special day… it’s the day you get your first taste of what can happen when you focus on taking action vrs. just dreaming of the results of taking action.

It’s an important difference. Just watching this video is proof that you’re willing to take a risk and invest your time and energy into learning and building something new.

So first off, thank you. You’ve taken the first step, now my job is to serve as your guide.

Whether you’re already running a million dollar business, have a well-paying (but non-fulfilling) job, or you’re just starting out on your own journey of success… This course is designed to give you all of the pieces of the puzzle, and a clear picture by the end of how to put it together.

Like a puzzle, it will take some work to put all together, but I also know you’ll find fulfillment and joy out of doing so!

Together we’re going to start off on this special training by diving into the purpose of this course, and how you can get the most out of it.

Hundreds of painstaking hours of have gone into distilling this information into this six-part training system. This is a culmination of all my experience — millions in revenue for my clients — and it really fulfills a dream I’ve held onto for a long time…

the dream of creating something that will leave a real, meaningful, and powerful impression on the lives of those who care enough to take control of their future.

Yes, this course is about building an incredible business, but it’s also about us all working together to grow as individuals along the way.

I’ve called this course “Smart Leverage Machine” because our goal isn’t just to monetize our skills and expertise but to leverage the most powerful tool on the planet. The human mind. Lofty goal I know, but by working smarter, not harder we can create an extremely valuable business. You’re going to develop a skill that can never be replaced, and I’m excited to share with you the tools I’ve developed on my own journey.

More specifically, I will be teaching you exactly how to connect the dots between amazing products and powerful distribution sources, and earning a healthy income in the process.

You don’t need an email list, or marketing experience to follow this system… You don’t need to learn online advertising or know the “who’s who” in the business world. All you need at the start is determination, and a bit of humility to learn from others.

I say “others” because, though I will be your guide and your mentor, the content in this course is built on the backs of tried and true methods developed by hundreds of business experts.

In the next video I’ll break down exactly what it means to build a “Smart Leverage Machine”, but first I’d like to share with you an important lesson that EVERYONE who takes this course needs to learn.

It was a hard one for me, but doing so made an incredible impact on my life and income.

It’s really the only key requirement for this course, one I will help you develop if it hasn’t come naturally to you yet. The ability to set ego aside and allow others to teach you.

I’ll be honest, I’m a stubborn person. I tend to rebel at even the simplest advice. And even though it’s important to question things, there’s a lot to be said about admitting you can learn a thing or two from others.

I could have saved years of trial and error by following the advice from the right people. That’s another goal of this course by the way, to shave years of trial and error off of your journey.

The first lesson I’d like to share with you before we dive into this course is “how to identify WHO you should be taking advice from.”

I won’t go as far as to presume I have everything figured out in this area when it comes to love, health, spirituality, I wouldn’t say I know all the signs to look for in a good teacher… but in business? I’ve had my fair share of good advice, and poor advice… and here’s what I’ve learned:

Don’t just consider a person’s reputation, or even the results that person has created, but look to the results they’ve been able to create over and over again.

Repeatable results are the key factor in finding advice worth taking.

There are many people selling success that they’ve stumbled upon, but it’s a whole other thing to create a system that is repeatable.

Through the case studies in this course, and the students who are already finding results with this system, I plan to show you how I’ve created, over and over again, “repeatable” results.

Now, I’m sure you’re excited to jump right in, but first let’s look together at how this course is broken down, and how you can get the most out of it.