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2 min readSep 23, 2018

Killer Advice From Sam Ovens of About FOCUS.

Here’s the thing most people don’t know about success:


All those gurus telling you that you can have it all?

They’re lying.

What they’re trying to say is that you can look like you have it all. But as with many things in life, what it looks like is rarely what it actually is.

You can’t have it all.

And if you seek it all, you’ll get nothing.

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.

It’s all about finding something you love so much that you’re willing to give up everything to go after it with your entire existence. Sacrifice provides you with energy, focus channels that energy into a sharp central point.

Energy is your time and it’s finite — The only way to get more of it is to sacrifice things and take the energy you gave to those things and then reallocate it to your main goal.

Focus is how you concentrate energy — Instead of putting energy into 10 things, you put it into 1 thing and get 10x as much output from the same input. It’s basically a superpower that people are addicted to not using.

If you combine sacrifice and focus you turn superhuman.

You get 10x the energy and 10x the concentration of that energy. That’s a very real 100x advantage. I dunno about you, but 100x is a quite a margin!

If you wanna spread yourself thin and go for everything: Go follow Gary V, get Netflix, Hulu, a big screen TV, 2 phones so you can be extra social and be sure to keep up with the lives of 30+ people on a daily basis.

If you wanna go superhuman and go for focus: Close your windows, shut the doors, turn your off and put it in your bathroom drawer, quit out of the 19 tabs you’ve got open, turn off your multiple screens, stop checking on shit and get some fucking work done. Don’t stop until it’s done.

Ohhh but Sam…. I can’t turn my phone off, I need it. I need social media for my business and those 32 hours I spend a week listening to Gary V get angry and say “get motivated” are crucial to my success.

Fine, keep it. Don’t sacrifice anything. Just know it’ll cost you everything.

Unplug yourself from the ADD matrix and FOCUS!

F(ollow) O(one) C(ourse) U(until) S(uccessful).

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