How to Quickly Craft Engaging Copy by Harnessing the Structure of Trending Content

Roo enjoying taking Sean for a walk.

Template #1 — The Imitation Game… By Sean Vosler

This is one of three copywriting methods I use daily. I created these because, well, I’m lazy. I’ve found that if I spend a day creating a system that I can use over and over again, I’ll save myself hours of anxiety trying to “figure out” what to do each and every time. This is one method I’ll use to help get the ‘hook’ structured for my copy. — Enjoy!

“…great poets imitate and improve, whereas small ones steal and spoil.”
- W. H. Davenport Adams

Start with what’s working…

Then Adapt.

We’re interested in the strucutre, not the subject.

What is it that captured our attention?

Building on the structure.

Answer the question “what’s in it for me”.

More examples…

Some structures to emulate…

I’m sure you’ll be able to use this technique in your own writing to capture that all important attention.

But if I had to get one key point accross it would be this:

As you work, create your OWN systems/templates based on the structure of the things you create.

Now — If you’ve found this template slightly useful, I’m sure you’ll find the other templates a delight.

If you sell anything for yourself or clients, I can imagine it’d be worth quite a lot to increase your close rate.

I’ve been using these systems for the last few years for myself and my clients… I’m very proud that my small one man shop has generated directly over $40,000,000 in revenue for my clients.

Here’s a peak of what’s included in the course…

  • Copy Method One: Learn How to Quickly Craft Engaging Copy by Harnessing the Structure of Trending Content
  • Copy Method Two: Leverage the Power of The Powerful Yet “Overlooked” Part of Best Seller Books In Your Niche
  • Copy Method Three: Controversial Yet Impossible to Ignore: How To Ethically Harness The Built In Bias’ of Your Reader to Increase Sales
  • Bonus Guide #1: Craft Your Key Points With Community Arbitrage
  • Bonus Guide #2: 7 Easy to Copy Copy Formulas You Can Copy (heh)
  • Bonus Guide #3: Sean’s High Converting Long Form Copywriting Outline — Powerful Strategy for creating VSL’s, Webinars, Emails, & Advertisements
  • Putting it All Together — How to Harness Your New Copywriting Skills for Your Own Business or Your Clients
  • And a lot more added all the time.

It’s all packaged nicely in both a PDF and a members area (with loads of other marketing training).

Now as for the pricing…

This isn’t just a book, infact I’ve found that most copy books simply like to tell stories about how they learned what they should be teachig you.

I’m not an author. But, I do love to teach.

As for the pricing, when I take this course live I’ll be releasing it for a steal at $99.

But I’ve got an admition to make…

I want to add even more than what’s already in there. I have dozens of formulas I’ve created and I’m going to add them all to the members area, but since they’re not all in there currently I’m going to give you a discount today.

In this ‘earlybird’ launch mode I’m going to give you an extra 75% off.

I’m literally handing you easy to use copy shortcuts that have generated millions in sales. For only $24.75

Use Coupon Code “earlybird” to Save 75%… Click here to add to cart

Unlock lifetime access to the members area, all these templates, and access to all the new ones as they’re added!

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